iPod Touch, You Can Have The Next Generation of 3D Technology

iPod Touch 1A
The next generation of Apple's popular personal media devices, there is much speculation about the possibility of excitement to enter the 3D technology in iPod touch. Nintendo games for the Nintendo 3DS system will be available on March 27, 2011, has developed a presentation to the next bar. Nintendo and Sony's handheld system with an iPod Touch for Apple, beat the game because the game is now in the hands of the world system, it is Apple, losing some ground to fight hard for If you want to be is the need for intervention to address this issue clearly.

Special glasses, the user expertise in the real game, a 3D display that requires no research and development. Without additional steps or equipment to assist with the appropriate type of entertainment in real life, and technology to make it to enjoy the kind of effect the player easily. Technological innovation can occur in the so-called barrier type autostereoscopic effect. This barrier prevents the display of light in a predetermined direction to provide a different picture on each user's eyes are placed on. To see the world from a slightly different perspective each eye, giving the illusion of depth in the middle of nowhere, so treat each eye into the picture, we see in 3D.
iPod Touch 2A
View of this barrier, into the actual technology, it is not new, actually an additional layer of liquid crystal display LCD. In order to provide stunning 3D effects are complex, innovative methods that can manipulate the process. I can follow your eye already on the camera now, you know the direction of the search system users, view and modify the barrier. The walls of the scene is only one layer of liquid crystal display, and easy to find and therefore likely to be you.

It seems to be Apple's only been on the verge of implementing this type of technology. I love the brand American companies can patent and Patent Office, and industry representatives have pointed out, in theory, many spectators to enjoy this effect, 3D glasses not necessary. Apple's patent, by tracking the eyes of automatic stereoscopic viewer and manipulation of pixels in the image displayed on the screen in accordance with the direct wave, wavy surface provides a system to reflect the projection screen. You can use this technique in conjunction with the constraints of the LCD display to ensure the accuracy and precision of the presentation of 3D images from the many spectators.
iPod Touch 3A
Apple may also decide to include additional high-definition camera that allows the rear of 3D images to your friends and family users. It is better to record the memories, in the case of 3D images and videos is a very popular way to celebrate special events that you might have on the track. This is the kind of innovation is usually a little more than surprising that we do not want it?

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